Theodore M. Oberlander

Ph.D. Syracuse University, 1963.

Interests: structural and climatic geomorphology, physical and human geography of deserts. Mr. Oberlander is currently investigating the relationship between human artifacts and extremely ancient shorelines in the Atacama Desert of Chile. This relationship suggests a human presence in the New World at a date far earlier than the generally accepted 11,000 to 20,000 years.

Recent publications include: Origin of Drainage Transverse to Structures in Orogens, in J. Hack and M. Morisawa (eds.), Tectonic Geomorphology, Allen and Unwin, Boston, pp. 155-182, 1985; Essentials of Physical Geography Today, 2nd ed. Random House, New York, 612 pp., 1987 (with R.A. Muller); Desert Research and Data Sources, U.S. Geological Survey Circular 989, p. 17, 1987; Slope and Pediment Systems, in Arid Zone Geomorphology, David S.G. Thomas (ed.), Halsted Press (Wiley), pp. 56-86, 1989.

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