Norman Miller

Adjunct Professor
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1987

Interests: Norm Miller is Staff Scientist in the Earth Sciences Division at Berkeley Lab , leads the Regional Climate System Modeling Group, and is an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources at the University of Arizona - Tucson. He is focused on understanding hydroclimate processes and related impacts based on modeling and analysis of regional climate, hydrology, and ecology, and their impacts on energy and water supply and demand, water quality, agriculture, and impacts to other sectors of society. This includes, coupled atmosphere- land surface-groundwater modeling from the site scale to continental scale; climate variability and change analyses; water and energy resources impacts, scaling theory; nonlinear coupling, feedbacks and sensitivities with climate systems; and high performance computing.

His group investigates past, present, and future climate on regional and sub-regional spatial scales and at temporal resolutions representative of weather and climate. His research includes conceptual models, numerical code development and evaluation, statistical analyses of historical and projected global and regional climate, numerical weather and streamflow ensemble prediction, seasonal forecasts, and scaling theories. We use remote-sensed observations, reanalysis data, and IPCC AOGCM projections as input forcing to our limited area models and statistical downscaling schemes to understand climate and impacts at site-to-regional scales. The Berkeley Regional Climate System Model (RCSM) is a primary tool for our research.

Recent publications include:

(Complete Publication List with PDFs:

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