David R. Stoddart

Ph.D. Cambridge University, 1964

Interests: geomorphology and ecology of tropical islands and reefs, coastal geomorphology, history of geographic thought. Mr. Stoddart is presently working on uplifted coral reefs in central Polynesia and on coastal saltmarshes in northwest Europe and California.

Recent publications: Environmental variability and environmental extremes as factors in the island ecosystem, (with R.P.D. Walsh) Atoll Research Bulletin, 356, 1-71, 1992; Substrate specificity and episodic catastrophe: constraints on the insular plant geography of Suwarrow Atoll, northern Cook Islands, (with C.D. Woodroffe) Atoll Research Bulletin, 362, 1-19, 1992; Coral Reefs the first decade, Coral Reefs, 11, 125, 1992; Johannes Walther and his work on reefs, paleoecology and sedimentology, Johannes Walther on Reefs: pioneering concepts of biogeology 1885-1910, ed. Robert N. Ginsburg, E. Gischler and W. Schlager, Miami: Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami, 3-9, 1994; F. Raymond Fosberg, 1908-1993, Atoll Research Bulletin, 390-396, i-viii, 1994; Flora of the Phoenix Islands, Central Pacific (with F.R. Fosberg), Atoll Research Bulletin, 393, 1-60, 1994; The hoa of Hull Atoll and the problem of hoa (with F.R. Fosberg), Atoll Research Bulletin, 394, 1-26, 1994; `This coral episode': Darwin, Dana, and the coral reefs of the Pacific. Darwin and the Pacific: essays on evolutionary theory and natural history in the laboratory of the Pacific 1840-1920, edited by R.M. MacLeod and P.F. Rehbock (Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press), 21-48, 1994; Theory and reality: the success and failure of the deductive method in coral reef studiesDarwin to Davis. Earth Sciences History, 13, 21-34, 1994; Darwin and the seeing eye: the iconography and meaning in the Beagle years. Earth Sciences History, 134, 3-22, 1995; Bertram Hughes Farmer 1916-1996. Geographical Journal, 162, 1996; Process and Form in Geomorphology (editor), London: Routledge, 1996; Carl Sauer: geomorphologist, in Process and Form in Geomorphology, London: Routledge, 1996; Richard J. Chorley and modern geomorphology, in Process and Form in Geomorphology, London: Routledge.

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