Daniel B. Luten, Professor Emeritus

Ph.D. (Chemistry), University of California, Berkeley, 1933.

Interests: natural resources and population, environmental quality, growth and the criteria for decisions.

Publications include: The Economic Geography of Energy, Scientific American, 225:3, pp. 164-175, 1971; The Limits-to-Growth Controversy, in G. Macinko and W. Fairchild (eds), Sourcebook on the Environment: A Guide to the Literature, University of Chicago Press, 1978; Ecological Optimism in the Social Sciences: The Question of Limits to Growth, American Behavioral Scientist, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 125-151, 1980; Progress Against Growth: Daniel B. Luten on the American Landscape, ed. Thomas Vale, Guilford Press, 1988.

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